Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5 of the 365 Day Green Home Challenge....

  For today's challenge I went through my bedroom closet and drawers and pulled out any clothing that I had not worn for at least six months, for whatever reason. Then I put aside clothing that I still like but had not worn due to damage and repaired what I could either by using my sewing machine or by hand. I was actually able to revive several summer dresses I love but had not worn because they needed only a minor repair. I was even able to repair my fave Victoria's Secret bra! WoooWhooo! Now I can get more use out of that $50!

    I then bagged up any clothing that I would absolutely never wear again, but was still in relatively good condition and put the bags in the car to take to Good Will...I pulled out any old clothing that was no longer wearable and cut them up for rags and put them in a bag I keep under my laundry sink for messy jobs. Also my dear friend Andi told me today that using the toe or heel portion of old cotton socks are great for making sachets with herbs and essential oils to sew up and throw inside drawers or closets to keep things smelling delightfully fresh!

     I am going to raid my husband's and my children's closets as well and do the same thing....So my lovely Greenies get busy and raid some closets and drawers...Good Luck Baby Greenies!

Love and Light,

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