Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4 of the 365 Day Green Home Challenge...


    For today's challenge I want to encourage everyone to think that is...Yes organic food can be quite pricey if I say so myself, but with that being said, it is not impossible for a family to eat organic, even on a budget. So on your next trip to the grocery store I want you to take a good look around and get familiar with what organic products your preferred grocer carries. If you happen to have a Whole Foods or vegetarian grocery store around you, you might be able to utilize their services, but if you are like me, I could never afford to shop solely at these stores. 
    It is important to do your research so you don't get overwhelmed. Make a list of food products you buy on a regular basis and find out if your grocery store carries any of those items will be surprised how much the organic market has grown...What I do is pick about five to ten items on my grocery list and replace them with organic choices on each grocery visit...if you can only do a few at a time, then that is way better then doing none at all and will get you a step closer to your goal of total Organic. Also if you happen to have a Farmer's Market in your area, you can find amazing deals on organic veggies and fruits...and you will be supporting your local Farm Co-Ops. The more we buy Natural Organic products the more demand there will be for them...the more demand  the more produced, which in turn will create a wider market, and by this, product will become more affordable. 

    If you question a product being authentically organic, just look for this label and it is guaranteed. If a product does not have this label and has the word Natural or Organic on it, more than likely it is not 100% organic. So make sure to do your homework and question everything without this label...So to reiterate for this challenge we are going to pick a few items to replace with organic brands on each grocery shopping trip. When I started this I picked items that I did not have to replace as often and also chose organic veggies and fruit that were available at my grocery store. Each time you do this you will find it easier and easier to choose organic. So let the healthy shopping begin! Good Luck future Greenies!
  ~Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.~
Dr. Seuss 

Love and Light,

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